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    • 23.05.11
    • Bert Stern Profile

    • Peter Silverton examines the career of a living legend whose commercial images changed the face of advertising.

    • 18.04.11
    • Walker Evans Profile

    • Portraits, still lives, reportage, signage, landscapes and architecture; no subject was taboo to one of the greatest and most influential photographers of the last century. Peter Silverton takes a look at the man behind the iconic images.

    • 27.01.11
    • Art Kane Profile

    • Art Kane may be a photographer whose name is seldom heard these days. But at one time he was a leading figure in both the portrait and fashion worlds for his wide-angle images and graphic approach. Peter Silverton looks into the life and sad death of this

    • 13.08.10
    • Robert Frank Profile

    • Photographer, film maker and artist Robert Frank laid down the reportage gauntlet with The Americans. Jack Kerouac said he "had eyes" and Peter Silverton finds out what else makes Frank the photographer's photographer.

    • 11.08.10
    • Robert Mapplethorpe Profile

    • Controversial, confrontational and sexually challenging, Peter Silverton looks back at an artist whose influence is still strong long after his early death.

    • 21.07.10
    • Eve Arnold Profile

    • Eve Arnold's photographic career has led her to far-flung corners of the world, and she is known as one of the few legendary female photographers working within the Magnum photo agency

    • 01.04.10
    • William Klein Profile

    • "They are the images of a hungry artist, hungry in the way that, for an alcoholic, one drink is too many and a thousand never enough." William Klein 1928 -

    • 24.03.10
    • Bruce Weber Profile

    • "More than most, Weber created our modern hankering for a modern past." Bruce Weber 1946 -

    • 22.02.10
    • Philippe Halsman Profile

    • Halsman is no longer a fashionable name to drop in photographic circles, but his body of portrait work deserves to be reassessed. Peter Silverton discovers the truth behind a forgotten career.

    • 17.12.09
    • Diane Arbus Profile

    • "My favourite thing is to go where I've never been." Diane Arbus 1923 -1971

    • 17.12.09
    • Irving Penn Profile

    • "His pictures reveal to us what has always been there in front of our eyes - only unseen, unnoticed, uncomprehended." Irving Penn 1917 -2009

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