Model Release Forms


One of the biggest mistake photographers make when they take pictures, is to believe that they can use their images wherever and however they wish.

Quite simply, it's not that simple!

Whether you are photographing people who know they are being photographed, buildings you have been allowed to photograph or shooting 'on the fly'. If you want to place those images with a stock agency, sell them, syndicate them or publish them you are going to have to make sure that you have a signed model/building release form.

Rules on when you need this vary greatly from country to country and you can never expect a signed release form to be a fail-safe security blanket.

However, it's a vital first step into protecting yourself from expensive litigation.

We have made three forms available here to cover the three basic requirements, a model release for adults, one for minors and one for buildings.

Issue 5 of Turning Pro magazine has an article on model release forms including examples. To buy a copy click here.

Sample forms may be downloaded as PDFs below


  1. Property Release Form (PDF)

    Property Release Form (PDF)

  2. Minor Release Form (PDF)

    Minor Release Form (PDF)

  3. Adult Release Form (PDF)

    Adult Release Form (PDF)

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  1. If you photograph 1 person 100 times, do you require a model release for each image or will 1 protect all images of the same person?



    Comment made by: tonyb73
    18.06.10 11:44:40

  2. Can a wedding couple sign a model release on behalf of guests including minors (bridesmaids etc)?

    Comment made by: Lafolie
    07.08.10 10:06:04

  3. Hi Tony, no you only need to have the form signed once.

    Best wishes,

    The PP team

    Comment made by: admin
    10.08.10 17:34:22

  4. The article doesn't mention if Model Release Forms are a legal requirement. Are they?

    The "Minor" needs to be expanded as the local education authoity also need to give permission if the minor is modelling for commercial work

    Comment made by: SleepyMeerkat
    03.10.10 11:00:37

  5. hi how do you fill the form in where it says for good and valuable consideration of _________ i hear by what do you put in here

    Comment made by: purmak007
    16.02.11 00:36:14

  6. I take photographs of flute bands parading on the public road. If I want to donate a selection of shots towards a charity sale, do I need a model release form for every member of a band in the photo?

    Comment made by: parademan
    09.09.11 19:46:06

  7. Do I need a model release form for every member of marching bands I take when they are parading on the main roads?

    Comment made by: parademan
    09.09.11 21:12:47

  8. I have a local property owner who has been rebuilding after a fire and I have been photographing the rebuild of the property, he is happy for me to use the photographs for my own use and has given me verbal release rights... Now as this has taken over a period of time is there an appropiatlely worded release form to cover a long period of time as so far this rebuild has taken 2 years and ongoing so the normal 'day shoot' form is not practible for this occasion...

    Comment made by: horace
    11.10.11 07:32:31

  9. Well this is a direct contradiction to this article :


    Comment made by: oscarandrose
    17.07.12 20:07:21

  10. hi how do you fill the form in where it says for good and valuable consideration of _________ i hear by what do you put in here.


    Comment made by: Gigi
    05.07.13 19:55:08

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