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Fashion Etcetera by Sam Haskins

Sam Haskins has announced the publication of his first book in two decades - 'Fashion Etcetera'. The book will be available in two versions, Fashion Etcetera: Standard Edition and Fashion Etcetera: Tommy Hilfiger Special Edition, which represents Haskins’ first joint publishing project with a designer.

Thebook is the first published retrospective assembly of Haskins’ work, and a journey through five decades of creative photography.

Fashion Etcetera is the 8th work by Sam Haskins.  The book concentrates on his creative photography from a perspective of defining and celebrating style. It chronicles figure photography, graphic thinking, and above all his
dedication to original image making that had pushed technical boundaries in a pre-Photoshop world.

The book is a combination of digitally re-mastered black and white and color photographs from the early sixties onwards.

Famous for his book design, as much as the images themselves, the layouts are all double page spreads, allowing him to use the nuances in his visual thinking and to introduce surprise and tension by juxtaposing images which are sometimes from different decades and themes.

“As a rule I do not remember my visual experiences as a series of isolated, individual scenes. At the end of a working day my mind swims with images in which multiple components blend and merge. The montage approach combined with the simultaneous use of double-page-spreads provides an effective formula for marshalling all these elements into an organized graphic entity,” says Haskins.

Fashion Etcetera will be unveiled during a 6 week related exhibit at the MILK Gallery, New York (September 17th - October 26th). Beginning in October, the standard edition will be available internationally from leading bookshops, RRP US$67.50.

Also premiering at the exhibit will be a Tommy Hilfiger-designed capsule collection, consisting of a men’s t-shirt,
women’s t-shirt, tote and scarf featuring the “Gill with a Curl” image from Haskins’ book Five Girls. The capsule collection will be available in all Tommy Hilfiger US specialty stores beginning September 2009. The special edition of Fashion Etcetera, RRP US$100.00, exclusive to Tommy Hilfiger, wil be available at the exhibition and at Hilfiger’s global speciality stores.

Fashion Etcetera has a total of 316 Pages, 26.85cm x 34.9cm (10.57” x 13.74”) and contains 291 images (114 B&W, 177 Color). Published by The Haskins Press.

Born in 1926, Sam Haskins is best known for his innovative work in the field of figure photography, pre-Photoshop multiple imagery, photographic illustration and photo books, Five Girls (1962), Cowboy Kate (‘64), November Girl (‘66), African Image (‘67) and Haskins Posters (‘73) to list a few.

Sam now lives in the Southern Highlands of Australia with his wife and business partner, Alida. He now concentrates
on books and exhibitions referencing his archives of 50plus years.

For additional information about Sam Haskins please visit:



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