LaCie Tank: Battle-Ready Armour

LaCie Tank

LaCie Tank: Battle-Ready Armour to Protect Your Data

· IP-63-certified: protects against dust and pouring rain

· Military-grade shock and drop resistant

· Customisable foam adjusts to your device

· Protects 2.5’’ hard drive, digital camera, Nintendo® DSTM lite or DSi

LaCie announced today a resilient new hard drive case that protects hard drives against hazardous situations – the LaCie Tank, design by Neil Poulton. An ideal fit for 2.5” HDDs, the LaCie Tank is strong enough to drop in a suitcase or shipping box and accessible enough to use every day.

A hard, rugged shell made of rubber and polypropylene snaps securely around your device, keeping out dust and rain. This robust exterior is also shock-resistant and tested against military-grade drop requirements, protecting your data from catastrophic drops. It’s manufactured in Italy for guaranteed durability.

Additionally, the LaCie Tank’s padded interior can be customised to fit any shape and size, guaranteeing your hard drive is cushioned and snug for any type of transportation. Simply remove foam cubes to fit your device precisely. The Tank is an easy, versatile way to protect your digital content.

“Customers have told us about the myriad of places they take hard drives, and LaCie developed the Tank just for them, providing armour for your hard drive as the name suggests,” Claire Rivallan, Consumer Accessories Product Manager. “There are so many elements that can damage invaluable data, which we aimed to eliminate with this design. The Tank can even keep data safe and dry in a hurricane – an unparalleled safeguard.”

LaCie Tank can also be configured to carry other portable electronic devices, such as digital cameras and Nintendo DS lite or DSi consoles. Offering military-grade ruggedness, the LaCie Tank is truly a fortress for your digital content.


The LaCie Tank is available through the LaCie Online Store, LaCie Corner, LaCie Reseller + starting at £19.99. For more product information, visit www.lacie.com/uk


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