Reveal of the BubbleScope


The BubbleScope, an instant 360° photo and video smartphone imaging accessory, is launching online this week. The BubbleScope will be supported by an official BubblePix App and online sharing community that will allow you to share your 360? images and video with the world... or, if you prefer, just your close friends!

The BubbleScope is the latest innovation from British inventor Tom Lawton, that allows the user to capture 360° images or video in a single click, with a real-time preview and no image stitching. The BubbleScope works with a range of smartphones, only requiring a change of phone case to attach it to any supported device. Importantly the BubbleScope uses the BubblePix phone App for previewing, capturing, viewing and then sharing 360° bubbles online via Bubblepix.com to Twitter, Facebook and more. For the first time 360° imaging is truly easy, quick and fun!

BubblePix Ltd is launching the new BubbleScope on the CrowdFunder website (www.crowdfunder.co.uk/investment/bubblescope-instant-360-244) this week, giving the public the chance to own one of the very first BubbleScopes off the production line and become a beta tester for the phone App and web community launching later this year. BubblePix is using crowd sourced funding, a great source of finance for product innovators in the current climate, to sponsor the initial manufacturing run of BubbleScope devices and iPhone 4 compatible cases. It is offering those who pledge their support for the product the opportunity to be the first in the world to get their hands on the gadget set to shake up the world of smartphone photography, prior to the retail launch scheduled for later in the year.

Tom Lawton (tomlawton.com) is the driving force behind BubblePix and the BubbleScope project. He has spent the last 10 years researching and testing many prototypes to finally launch a device that captures the complete 360° environment in an instant. Tom explains, 'ten years ago I was inspired by the beautiful world around me to create the best, most practical, compact and affordable instant 360? panoramic camera possible. My vision was to enable anyone to capture and share their experiences as 360? bubbles. Today that dream is a reality and I am thrilled to be launching my BubbleScope product this summer. When life inspires you, just shoot the bubble!'

Final pre-production testing is now being carried out and the BubbleScope will be available to pre-order through UK crowd funding site crowdfunder.co.uk from June 15th 2011. You can also show your interest by checking out Bubblepix.com before the retail launch in Autumn 2011.


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