Correct your fisheye

Defisher by proDAD

Don’t worry, we’re not insulting you, we mean sort your camera fisheye of course. Any other optical assistance can be found at Specsavers, but that’s a different kettle of fish.

A new application by proDAD will enable users to correct their fisheye in video. The application called Defisher is designed to remove unwanted warp and perspective distortion from wide angle lenses and action camera videos, such as the GoPro.

To find out more about how it works and availability please read the press release below.


Press release:

proDAD, the acclaimed developer of digital video effects and image enhancement technologies, today unveiled a new innovation called Defishr. Defishr is an automatic video fisheye corrector application for Windows. Defishr is highly effective at removing the warp and perspective (compression) distortion caused by very wide angle camera lenses on Go Pro-type action cameras, DSLR cameras fitted with wide angle lenses, and even mobile phones with wide angle lenses. Fisheye is most commonly introduced to video shot on these types of cameras when the camera pitches up and down, which causes the video to appear warped or bent.

Defishr is as easy to use as it is effective. To remove fisheye from a video clip, a user simply drags a video clip into the Defishr app, selects the camera model that recorded the video from a drop-down list and the fisheye distortion is instantly corrected. Want more correction options? Defishr includes a suite of manual lens correction tools to fine-tune the lens angle, zoom, even rotate the video and correct minor camera placement problems. If a user’s camera and lens combination is not in the list of camera profiles, Defishr includes an innovative camera calibrator tool, which can be used to create a custom camera profile. Corrected video is rendered and exported from Defishr in industry standard formats.

Defishr Key Features at a Glance:

•Fully automatic fisheye perspective distortion correction; ideal for improving video shot from action cams during mountain biking, skiing, surfing, motorsports, aerial videography, and more
•Easy to use; no complicated multiple apps needed to manually remove fisheye distortion
•Corrects warp in video and also still images
•Ships with camera profiles for popular cams from GoPro (including new Hero 3 series), Contour, CamOne, Samsung, Apple, and many others
•Included Camera Calibrator utility for creating a custom camera profile or if a user’s camera/lens combination is not in the supported list
•Advanced manual correction options for users who need to rotate their video or want to fine-tune their video further. Lens angle, zoom, pan, and other parameters can be manually adjusted to correct minor camera placement problems
•Original and corrected video is previewed side-by-side to see the results
•Corrected video is rendered and exported in industry standard formats
•Stand-alone Windows Application; fast and easy to setup and use. Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista

“Finally action camera users, professional wide-angle lens users and simply ‘all videographers and photographers’ have a simple solution for removing unwanted distortion from otherwise good video,” said Andreas Huber, proDAD’s Managing Director. “Defishr is by far the easiest and most effective video and photo de-warp solution currently available and it’s quite affordable too.”

Price and Availability:

proDAD Defishr is currently available as an electronic download from the proDAD online shop and popular resellers or an introduction price of £58. Learn more at prodad.com

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