New mount attaches smartphone to any surface


The ever-growing popularity of smartphones usage for photography means that we are seeing more and more great gadgets spilling out onto the market.

One of the latest pieces of smartphone kit is MobileMount+, a special mount that allows a smartphone to be attached to any camera or tabletop surface. The device comprises of two super suction cups and a ball joint, which unscrews for added stability when shooting. If you’re feeling brave and adventurous you can screw it to a car window for action shots on the go.

For more information about the MobileMount+ please read the press release below.


Press release:

Whether you’re snapping photos from your tripod, following your GPS to a new destination or watching movies on your tablet, MobileMount+ is making it simple to mount virtually any gadget with a flat surface.

“Our smartphones and tablets offer so many great capabilities that we use in our everyday lives,” said JR Sanchez, founder of MobileMount+. “We wanted to create a mounting solution that complemented all of those capabilities, be it shooting an amazing video on your smartphone or watching the newest instalment of Batman on your tablet.”

Comprised of two suction cups and one threaded ball joint, the MobileMount+ can be used as a camera mount as well as a car mount or a tabletop kickstand. When connecting the mount to a tripod or other camera accessory, users can unscrew the ball from the suction cup and attach it to any camera accessory that supports 1/4” 20 threads. The ball and joint on the MobileMount+ allows users to adjust the mount at many angles making it perfect for getting the right shot, be it shooting a Hollywood-style video on a dolly or a self-portrait from your tripod.

“Being that many of us use our smartphones as our primary, or only, camera, it’s a shame that so many great camera accessories can’t be put to use,” said JR Sanchez, founder of MobileMount+. “It’s about time there was an affordable, versatile solution that makes your smartphone compatible with all of the accessories on the market.”

Keeping the MobileMount+ suction cups screwed together allows you to prop up your tablet on the countertop for easy tabletop viewing and use. It also allows you to mount your device to your car window for mobile use while you’re on the go.

Estimated availability for the MobileMount+ camera is July 2013. Starting from today, anyone can support MobileMount+ to production through Kickstarter.com, where early bird backers of $30 or more are rewarded with a MobileMount+. Visit jandmcompany.com to learn more.


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