New Lastolite 10m off-camera cord from Manfrotto

Manfrotto Lastolite 10m off camera cord

Manfrotto has brought out a new 10m off-camera cord for extending the distance between the camera and its light source.

The new cord will be available in Canon and Nikon versions. With a whole 10 metres to play with, the shooting possibilities sure are extended.

The cord costs £63 and is available from a range of distributors. For more information please see the press release below.


Press release:

Manfrotto Lighting Limited, the world’s leading manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems for the photo, video and cinema industry, announces the release of the new Lastolite 10m Off Camera Cord.

The 10m Off Camera Cord is the latest addition to the range of Off Camera Cords. Available in Canon or Nikon versions, the 10m cord has a single shoe mount and retains all TTL metering. It allows the photographer to extend to distance between camera position and his light source.

Main Features and Benefits:

1. Available in Canon or Nikon versions
2. 10m (33’) long
3. Retains all TTL metering

Pricing and Availability:
The 10m Off Camera Cord is available now in Canon and Nikon versions at SRP £63

For stockist information, please click here.

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