Fujifilm sponsoring Travel Photographer of the Year 2012

Louis Montrose, USA and TPOTY.com

The worldwide annual travel photography competition, Travel Photographer of the Year, will be sponsored by Fujifilm this year.

The competition has three portfolio categories this year: People Watching, Wild Planet and Journeys, and two single shot categories, One Shot and First Shot, the latter aimed at beginners and those looking for a first break in photography.

The New Talent and Young Photographer of the Year categories are also intended to encourage submissions from exciting new photographers. 2012 will see the launch of a Travel Shorts HD video category and a Condé Nast Traveller award, with the winner securing a commission with the magazine. Fujifilm will also be providing prizes for the majority of the categories.

The closing date for 2012 entries is 17 September, with competitors able to upload their images online via tpoty.com or send prints through the post – see the website for details.

Katie Teesdale, PR Manager at Fujifilm UK commented, “We are delighted to be sponsoring Travel Photographer of the Year 2012, continuing Fujifilm’s involvement with this prestigious competition. The event consistently showcases the world’s very best travel photos and it’s fantastic that it is open to all, with a real chance for beginners to get their rung onto the ladder of professional photography, and have their work showcased alongside that of hardened pros. A visit to the exhibition of last year’s winners and runners-up at the Royal Geographical Society will give a great idea of the incredibly high standard that this contest always inspires. We expect 2012’s entries to be just as inspiring and can’t wait to see the winning images.”

Chris Coe, Director of Travel Photographer of the Year, said, “Fujifilm was one of our founding sponsors almost a decade ago, and have been with us to one level or another for most years of the awards. We are thrilled that they have chosen to become involved to such a significant extent this year; the Fujifilm range of cameras – particularly with the introduction of the X-Pro1 and X100 – is perfect for travel photography and a joy to shoot with, as they are lightweight and portable but produce professional-quality images.”


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