PPOTY 2013 winners announced!

PPOTYs 2013

Following a staggering number of entries, topping last year’s competition at 5,160, we were sad to shut the Professional Photographer of the Year competition but excited to announce its winners!

We would like to begin by saying a big thank you to all those who entered and showed off their work, it was a particularly difficult job to narrow down the choices this year.

Our expert panel of judges also had their work cut out for picking winners in their categories, but we’re glad to say they just about managed it!

So without further ado, here are the top three winning images from each of our thirteen categories.

Black and White
Judge: Adam Scorey

First place: Eduardo Fujii for ‘Lightscape’

Second place: Mantas Vitkus for ‘Around the corner’

Third place: Matthew Humphrey for ‘Venice Bowl, Los Angeles’


In the studio
Judge: Adam Scorey
Sponsor: Photoleaf

First place: Caleb and Gladys for ‘La Bergère’

Second place: alandkphotography for ‘Paradise’

Third place: Charlotte Mkee for ‘Stand proud’


Judge: Kate Hopewell-Smith
Sponsor: Sigma

First place: Carolyn Mendelsohn for ‘Poppy’

Second place: Mick Habgood for ‘Wait for me!’

Third place: Arseniy Semyonov for ‘Crossroad’


Location flash
Judge: Mick Cookson
Sponsor: Broncolor

First place: Mike Deere for ‘Curiosity’

Second place: Gary Nunn for ‘Slick’

Third place: Radu Carnaru for ‘The observatory’


Medium format
Judge: Adam Scorey
Sponsor: Hasselblad

First place: Nikola Borissov for ‘Saudade, I’

Second place: Nigel Baker for ‘Spanish beach’

Third place: Tim Wallace for ‘Aston Martin 2013 Vanquish’


Judge: Adam Scorey
Sponsor: Lexar Professional

First place: Leroy Kincaide for ‘Time’

Judge: Adam Scorey
Sponsor: Fixation

First place: Garret Suhrie for ‘Fighting the fire’

Second place: Zoran Marinovic for ‘Child soldiers’

Third place: Rick Findler for ‘Catapult’


Portfolio of three
Judge: Adam Scorey
Sponsor: Chau Digital

First place: Zsuzsanna Koszegi for ‘The eye of Japan’ portfolio

Second place: Michael Hilton for the ‘Landscape’ portfolio

Third place: Pawel Prus for the ‘St. Paul’ portfolio


Street photography
Judge: Kate Hopewell-Smith

First place: Edmond Terakopian for ‘Love your job’

Second place: Keith Ng for ‘Sheung Wan market’

Third place: Enrico Fabian ‘Lost in between’

Student of the Year
Judge: Kate Hopewell-Smith

First place: Nicholai Go for ‘Blinding waiting’

Second place: Greta Tuckute for ‘Wanderlust’

Third place: Mario Cardenas for ‘Hooves and wings’

Travel photography
Judge: Adam Scorey

First place: Tim Wallace for ‘San Francisco dawn’

Second place: Kjetil Hanssen for ‘The Arctic drive’

Third place: Sofie Louca for ‘Pe'ahi (Jaws), Maui’

Judge: Mick Cookson
Sponsor: Folio Albums

First place: Ed Godden for ‘First dance’

Second place: Mick Habgood for ‘When the groom meets the bride’

Third place: Joann Randles for ‘Innocence’

Judge: Mick Cookson

First place: Peter Zelewski for ‘Phoebe’

Second place: Duncan Hill for ‘Super Bowl celebration’

Third place: Alexa Clarke Kent for ‘Kent’




The awards night
A huge congratulations to all our winners and runners up and a big thank you to our sponsors, the standard was particularly high this year. An awards ceremony to honour their efforts will be held at the Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham on 21 November. The overall winner, being crowned Professional Photographer of the Year', will be announced on the night as well as the Editor's choice award.





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